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Join Kyokushin-kan?


Overseas (non-Japanese) Dojo Operators or Branch Chiefs from other Kyokushin organizations are always welcome to join Kyokushin-kan. One of the greatest tragedies to befall Kyokushin in the years since Sosai Mas Oyama’s death is the frequency with which particularly overseas branches and dojos have found themselves members of IKO break-away organizations in which, for one reason or another, they found themselves to be discontent. A huge part of what is meant to be gained, and learned, from Kyokushin is the loyalty and dedication that one feels towards ones teacher. We all felt this way towards Sosai, and things were much simpler.

In the years that have followed Sosai’s death, however, many overseas branches have suffered the damage of having “bounced around,” one organization to another, in search of the right one for them, that is, in search of that one great leader, like Sosai, who they can follow with all of their heart. The struggle — and pleasure! — and gain! — of remaining loyal to a certain lineage should be highly valued, and any decision to switch organizations should be taken very seriously. While all overseas branches and dojos are invited to join Kyokushin-kan, those wishing to do so should consider that while we do consider ourselves to be an organization where many others can finally find their correct home due to the correct leadership style of Kancho Royama, we also hate to see anyone having to break ties with a lineage unless there is truly no salvaging of that relationship. So, yes, please consider yourself invited to join Kyokushin-kan if you have read here about the Kyokushin-kan Way, and if you feel drawn to do so. Please also, however, keep in mind that  Kyokushin-kan is not “just another IKO.” We are an organization with a specific mission. If you are looking for “just any home” for your dojo’s status quo, perhaps you should consider someone else. If you’ve looked into Kyokushin-kan, however, and learned what we stand for, and want to join us in our work, then by all means, please join us. 


How to Join


Dojos or Branches wishing to join may either contact our Country Representative in your country (see world branches list), OR you may contact Honbu directly, just so long as you know that Honbu will likely, first, suggest that you contact our Country Representative in your country. The only reason, therefore, to mention this here is that we understand that every country is different, and the relationships that exist among different sometimes-vastly-separated students of Kyokushin can be very complicated. Additionally, the world is still a big place in some regards, and there are situations where even our own national organizations are in closer contact with Honbu, and thus closer to understanding the Kyokushin-kan way (and leadership style!) than are some others. The point is that we want all new branches to work well with our pre-existing national organizations, but we also want those wishing to join to know that they should not consider those national-level organizations a fire-wall that must be crossed before reaching out to Honbu if there is ever some complication. Honbu will not turn away any contact from those wishing to join, and remember, that is is Honbu’s ultimate desire to know all of its world branch chiefs and dojo operators, personally.