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Please Post Your Own NEWS Stories On Honbu’s Site


Through a partnership with Budo Karate West, an independent Kyokushin news blog, it is our intent to make Honbu’s site dynamic and interactive. You can now add your own News stories, and Honbu’s site will be automatically updated to display what’s going on in Kyokushin worldwide. Your submitted news stories might cover seminars, promotions, training camps, promotion tests, or any topic that, through photographs and video clips, might paint Kyokushin-kan in a positive light. We hope that branches who host significant or newsworthy events will participate. Honbu will post its own stories and announcements through this tool, and we ask that any overseas branch hosting Kancho or Honbu Instructors to please do the same. Click here to view our Automatic Blogging Tool so you can see how easy it can be!


 How To Post News Stories


We spent a great deal of effort making our Automatic Blogging Tool as simple as possible. To post your story, you should collect your photographs and/or Youtube video URL’s first, and then simply follow the steps. You will choose a title, tell us one line about yourself (so we know who submitted the article), choose a category, and submit a photograph for your thumbnail. Then simply follow the instructions. Your entire news post might be a single photograph and caption if you choose, or it can be a complex article with text, video clips, and captions. Please give it a try and help us to make Honbu’s site display world Kyokushin-kan events.   


 Partnership with Budo Karate West


Whereas Budo Karate West is an independent Kyokushin blog on which anyone might post Kyokushin stories and articles, Honbu will have full control of which posted stories are shared on Honbu’s site. It is our hope that this partnership will both make our own site (Kyokushin-kan Internatioanl Honbu) more exciting, and provide a public forum (Budo Karate West) where our activities might be displayed and discussed, side by side, with the activities of other Kyokushin organizations who choose to participate. The combination of these two goals will help to popularize Kyokushin-kan.