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Kyokushin-kan Kata DVD’s

KYKU-001The Kyokushin-kan Technical Committee has produced a set of 3 bilingual (English subtitles) DVD’s showing the Kyokushin-kan kata and bunkai, and a second set of 2 DVD’s focusing on Buki Jutsu (weapons kata and bunkai). We encourage all members to use them in your study as they will help us to move towards the worldwide unification of kata that we seek. However, it is also very important that instructors understand (and teach!) that what the student can learn by copying the movements on a video is very limited compared to what can be learned through actual practice with Kancho and Technical Committee instructors. Kancho makes the point in his seminars that, in order to be able to teach one concept, instructors need to be able to understand the ten concepts that support it. Hoping to learn from the DVD’s like one learns from Honbu instructors might work for the student who trains, like Sosai aspired to do, more hours per day than he slept, during his secluded mountain training. Since most of us fail to reach that standard, however, all members should understand: Yes, please, study the DVD’s so that your kata will resemble the kata that Kancho and the Kyokushin-kan Technical Committee is teaching. Be careful, however, not to assume that that snapshot view is all that you were meant to learn. Remember that memorization of the sequence of kata is that starting point from which training (in kata) begins. The purpose of learning kata is NOT to memorize them; that’s what we have to do first, in order to begin training with them. Please contact International Secretary Takaaki Enmai to order your own copies from Honbu.