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Events in Japan : Seminars, Camps, and Tournaments


Please consult our events calendar for the dates of Honbu’s events that international members usually attend. Of first importance among all of these, for instructors, is our International Instructors’ Seminar held every February or March. We understand the significant challenges involved regarding international travel, but we do encourage as many as possible to prioritize this most important chance during each year for international instructors to learn what it is that Kyokushin-kan is teaching, and hopes to teach in branches all across the world. We encourage international members to remember that Kyokushin-kan DOES have a specific curriculum of learning that we hope to introduce to all members (than can not be shared through the Kyokushin-kan DVD’s alone) and it is these gathering at international seminars that makes this possible. 



2013 Mt. Mitsumine Waterfall Camp. Instruction here by Shihan Okazaki.


Additional camps include our Mt. Mitsumine Waterfall Camp held each November (generally the weekend following the All-Japan) and our Summer Beach Camp held generally in June. From these three, the most concentrated instruction occurs at the International Instructors’ Seminar. Additionally, we encourage overseas members to inquire what seminars Kancho and Honbu’s instructors are offering in foreign countries. These are often 2-3 days of concentrated instruction much like the International Instructors’ Camp. 



2013 International Instructors’ Seminar in Tochigi.


We also encourage national organizations to invite Kancho and Honbu instructors to your country so that you might host your own technical seminars. The usual requirement here is that you are able to organize a regional (or, in some cases, national) event including all area branches, and that the host country covers the cost. 



Instructors from Japan at Seminar in Bulgaria including instructors from Japan led by Hiroshige Fuku-Kancho, and including Koga Shihan, Kaneko Shihan, Ishijima Shihan and Inoue Sensei.


Tournaments held each year in Japan include, in November, the All-Japan tournament (standard Kyokushin-kan rules), and in April or May, the All-Japan Shinken Shobu Rules Tournament, and, on the same weekend, the All-Japan Junior Tournament, and the All-Japan Kata Tournament. This year (2014) the All-Japan Women’s Tournament will be held at the same time as the All-Japan tournament in November. Overseas branches wishing to enter competitors should consult the Calendar of Events and contact Honbu. 

Finally, overseas members should keep an eye out for regional tournaments (such as Asian Open Tournaments or the European Open Tournaments), and, of course, the World Tournament, held once every four years.