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International Relations


Kyokushin-kan International Secretary, Takaaki Enami

Kyokushin-kan International Secretary, Takaaki Enami

Mr. Takaaki Enami is Kyokushinkan International’s International Secretary, meaning that he is responsible for all international relations, and communications between Honbu and the Kyokushin-kan world branch organizations. Although Honbu prefers that branch chiefs and dojo operators take care of as many DAILY BUSINESS needs as possible by communicating first with their Country Representative, please note that it is Honbu’s expectation that any Kyokushin-kan member can and should contact Honbu directly any time that member feels there is an issue that needs to be brought to Honbu’s attention. Additionally, there are several daily operations such as  registering students and signing up for Honbu events that should be communicated directly to Honbu. Mr. Enami is fluent in English, and Branch Chiefs and Dojo Operators seeking clarification regarding Honbu’s policies and expectations should feel free to contact him at any time by e-mail or telephone

Remember that Honbu (and most certainly Kancho!!)  WANTS TO KNOW its Branch Chiefs and Dojo Operators, and overseas BC’s and DO’s should develop ties directly with Honbu, at least so we know you! This is best achieved by attending our international events. Remember that Kancho and Honbu definately wants to develop INSTRUCTIONAL TIES with its BC’s, DO’s, and other instructors, and in this case, BC’s and DO’s should not hesitate to interact directly with Honbu, especially during, and regarding, international seminars. Ideally every national-level organization runs smoothly enough at home that all members support, and feel supported by, their Country Representative. However, Honbu understands that due to the vast fragmentation of Kyokushin both during and following Sosai’s lifetime, every branch has its own unique history and liniage, and Honbu wants to ensure that its members know that they can reach out to Honbu in important situations.

Members would do well to remember that the world is a big place and Honbu even has its OWN domestic issues to take care of (i.e. like any other country), so members should not contact Honbu over frivolous matters. Likewise, however, if any member had a serious issue that he/she felt should be brought to Honbu’s attention, Kancho would disapprove of that member for not reaching out.

Overseas BC’s and DO’s should keep in mind that the extent to which your country organization is developing ties with Honbu and Kancho, and bringing Kancho’s teaching to your country, is your responsibility. Please plan events! Please attend ours as much as possible! In Russia, Europe, and South Africa, the norm has become that Kancho or Honbu instructors visits those regions one or more times per year for seminars or tournaments. Likewise, instructors from those countries are the faces that are regularly seen in our instructors’ seminars. This type of interaction is the responsibility of every national or regional organization. Please do the best you can! 



Instructors from Japan at Seminar in Bulgaria including instructors from Japan led by Hiroshige Fuku-Kancho, and including Koga Shihan, Kaneko Shihan, Ishijima Shihan and Inoue Sensei.